Green Power offsets holiday carbon emissions!

This week, I´m taking a welcome break in sunny Spain. Hurrah. Not so great for the planet though. From London to Alicante, and back again, my air travel has created no less than 822 lbs CO2.

Ouch. So, to offset my round trip, Green Power have very kindly (and responsibly) offered to adopt a plot of land in a protected area. It´s all part of their ongoing committment to living and working greener. And through their new partnership with Healthy Planet, Green Power are now able to offset the carbon footprint of their people, both inside and outside  of work.

You can find out more about Green Power´s commitment to more sustainable ways of livng and working, here.

To keep the rest of my holiday greener by comparison, I´ll mostly be sitting by the pool.

Hasta la vista,