Investor behind Wales’ first industrial scale solar panel farm explains why you should invest in solar

Just a few weeks ago, a new large-scale solar panel farm at Rhosygilwen in north Pembrokeshire was launched, boasting an impressive 10,000 panels.

The site, which can power up to 600 homes, was funded by Dr Glen Peters, who owns the land and the nearby county mansion and art centre.

Speaking to BBC on the day that his solar panel farm connected to the National Grid, Dr Peters issues two valuable pieces of advice for any homeowner or business owner considering a solar panel installation.

  1. Don’t give up your roof or land space to an investor who offers to pay for your installation – instead raise your own funds and actually own the asset of solar power, because it’s far more valuable to you this way.
  2. Choose a contractor who has fitted solar panels before, and will return to carry out repairs and maintenance if needed.

We have to agree with Dr Peters, on both counts.

Firstly, we know that investing in solar panels will bring you a great return, as well as helping you do your bit for the planet. In fact, with solar energy, you could enjoy a saving of up to 40% on your electricity bill, every year. Find out what you could save, here>>

Secondly, we believe that it is really important to choose a trusted solar panel installer – a company you know will select the right solar panels for your needs, and guarantee the quality of their work. Find out about Green Power’s 5-year guarantee>>

Watch the BBC\’s video interview with Dr Peters here>>