Barclays launches £100m renewables fund for farmers

"The use of renewable energy on farmland has been brought to public attention in Britain by Michael Eavis, farmer and founder of the Glastonbury music festival, who installed more than 1,000 solar panels on his land." Photograph via The Guardian online: Ben Birchall/PA

YES. This is what we like: well-known people (like Michael Eavis) championing solar power. That gets the green thumbs up from the GPI team.

Today, The Guardian reports that Barclays’ business arm is to help UK farmers finance renewable energy projects “following a massive surge in interest”.

Good stuff. And for the record, our interest never dwindled…


“We want to signal very clearly to the market that we consider this to be a big future industry, a big opportunity for agricultural businesses and also a big opportunity for the renewables,” said Barclays business product and marketing director, Travers Clarke-Walker, whose team will be managing the fund. “This is a quickly emerging industry.”












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