Drax coal power station ‘could be transformed to produce biomass fuel’

Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent for  The Guardian, reports that “the UK’s largest coal-fired power station could be turned into one of its biggest sources of renewable energy– if subsidies are increased.

“Drax generated about 6% of the UK’s total renewable power in the first half of this year, through burning straw and other biomass at its Yorkshire power station. This was achieved despite burning a much lower proportion of biomass than the plant could sustain if run under optimal conditions.

“Dorothy Thompson, chief executive of Drax, said the power station could be transformed to produce more renewable energy than fossil fuel power, using biomass from straw, wastewood and other sources instead of coal.”

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Miscanthus grass - a source of Biomass energy?
Miscanthus grass, a source of biomass energy. Drax could be transformed to produce biomass fuel, its chief executive says. Photograph: Graham Turner/Guardian