Financial Times says “Invest in panels for solar savings”

Last week, the FT reported that homeowners will save more money in the long-term if they invest in their own solar panel installation, rather than taking up a ‘free’ installation deal from energy companies.

“A number of providers now offer customers free solar panel installation. But while the schemes can save customers between £10,000 and £12,000 in installation costs, the energy companies have their eye on the feed-in tariff, which typically nets more than £1,000 a year.”

Many large energy companies are now taking advantage of the government’s generous FIT scheme – a scheme which pays households for the solar energy they produce – even if they use it themselves.
Make your own investment in solar panels, and you will earn 43.3p tax free for every kilowatt-hour you produce, guaranteed for 25 years – and you’ll be completely protected from rising energy costs.
It all adds up to a better deal when you invest in your own solar installation.


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