Sea Jack

Shell Admits Additional Gannet Alpha Leak, EDF Overcharges Customers & How to Build a Wind Farm

Today, we’ve got more news on that oil leak story we published over the weekend:

Shell detects additional Gannet Alpha leak in North Sea

Watch footage of the oil spill released by Marine Scotland>>

Plus, news that EDF has been overcharging its customers:

“Some 100,000 EDF Energy customers have been overcharged owing to a seven-year fault on the company’s automated telephone meter reading system.”

Read the full story here>>

Now for some good news!

The BBC are putting out some great renewable energy coverage today, including this interactive feature:

Three Steps to Build a Wind Farm>>

Sea Jack

BBC News online: “Science correspondent David Shukman inspects the sea jack, the immense beast of burden, without which the wind farm could not be built.”





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