Google discloses carbon footprint for the first time

Saturday, and the last gasps of summer are upon us. We’re busy getting ready for Grand Designs Live in October, and compiling lots of great tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Speaking of which – did you hear that Google has revealed details of its carbon footprint?

Earlier this week, Duncan Clark reported in The Guardian that “at around 1.5m tonnes of carbon, the energy usage of the online giant is on a par with the United Nations”.

The Guardian: "Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California. The internet giant has published its carbon footprint for the first time." Photograph: David Paul Morris/Getty Images

“Google says that it emits 1.5m tonnes of carbon annually but claims that its data centres consume 50% less energythan the industry average. The emissions are slightly higher than the country of Laos in south-east Asia and equivalent to the UN’s operational footprint.”

Read the full article here>>

Watch Google’s video about their carbon offset projects>>

Wishing you a sunny weekend!

The Green Power Team