Our Ethos & Service Commitment

Invest in your future with green products

We are a forward thinking business that prides itself on providing an excellent service.

We have spent the last five years investigating and trying out new green products, and therefore have a extensive knowledge of what green technologies can offer and how best they can work in your home. This allows us to give our customers a bespoke service which will enable them to reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time maximize the return on their investment. As a company we recognize that our activities have an impact upon the environment and therefore we endeavour through every aspect of our business to reduce our own carbon footprint.


Our service commitment

  1. We always look to install the most efficient systems for your house, both in terms of energy and cost.
  2. We give you a clear and full breakdown of all the costs involved in the installation process
  3. Before the project starts we will provide you with a schedule of the works and a timeframe
  4. We will email you the photos of the team who will be working on your property and the badges that they wear
  5. We will provide a customer satisfaction form to fill in and any issues that may arise will be swiftly dealt with

Green service commitment

The aim of the company is to reduce our carbon foot-print – after all what is the point of reducing our customers energy consumption while increasing our own?

  1. Transport to view site surveys we use an Electric car, which is charged from solar panels on our office roof
  2. We use as much electronic messaging as possible to reduce office paper use
  3. The electricity used in the office is powered by solar panels
  4. We recover 80% of all building waste created during the install process
  5. Where we do create carbon, we offset that by investing in the preservation of rainforest
    (see our partnership with Healthy Planet