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Richborough solar farm begins producing power

On Wednesday 3rd August, BBC News reported that the first large-scale solar park in the Southeast began supplying electricity to homes and businesses in the local area. The £13m project, near the site of the former Richborough Power Station in Kent, is capable of supplying 1,300 homes. Following the recent reduction in government subsidies for […]

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Drax coal power station ‘could be transformed to produce biomass fuel’

Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent for  The Guardian, reports that “the UK’s largest coal-fired power station could be turned into one of its biggest sources of renewable energy– if subsidies are increased. “Drax generated about 6% of the UK’s total renewable power in the first half of this year, through burning straw and other biomass at its […]

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IKEA UK invests in wind and solar renewable energy

IKEA UK today announces two new major initiatives that will help the home furnishings company reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, offset its carbon emissions, as well as create more renewable energy for its operations. This includes the purchase of a wind farm located in North Scotland, as well as the installation and operation of […]

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British Gas fined £2.5m over complaint handling

And so it starts. British Gas is the first to feel the heat as Ofgem says that “two fifths of customers were dissatisfied with the way complaints were handled”. Today, the BBC reports that British Gas has been fined no less than £2.5m for the way in which it deals with customer complaints. “Ofgem ruled that the […]

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Climate activist Tim DeChristopher due for sentencing

Today, The Guardian’s US environment correspondent, Suzanne Goldenberg, reports on the case of activist Tim DeChristopher. “An activist who disrupted a Bush administration auction for the oil and gas industry – bidding $1.8m (£1.1m) he did not have for the right to drill on remote areas of Utah – is due to be sentenced on Tuesday. As Bidder […]

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MPs call for energy doorstep mis-selling compensation

Earlier today, the BBC reported that an “influential group of MPs” said that energy companies “should compensate customers who have been mis-sold gas and electricity deals on the doorstep”. This news comes as the Energy and Climate Change Committee releases its finding in a new report on Ofgem’s Retail Market Review. Further, the BBC reports that […]

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Investor behind Wales’ first industrial scale solar panel farm explains why you should invest in solar

Just a few weeks ago, a new large-scale solar panel farm at Rhosygilwen in north Pembrokeshire was launched, boasting an impressive 10,000 panels. The site, which can power up to 600 homes, was funded by Dr Glen Peters, who owns the land and the nearby county mansion and art centre. Speaking to BBC on the […]

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Rising energy costs move up political agenda

The Financial Times’ energy correspondent, David Blair,  reports that “Higher energy costs are likely to become one of the most sensitive issues in British politics, according to analysts, after Scottish and Southern Energy became the third utility in quick succession to announce a big increase in customer bills.” This article follows the announcement of SSE’s […]

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Andhra Pradesh at the forefront of Indian ‘coal rush’

The Guardian´s environment editor,  JohnVidal,  reports that energy generated from new coal-power stations in the single state of Andhra Pradesh could eclipse emissions from an entire country. A single Indian state is to build a new fleet of coal-power stations that could make it one of the world’s top 20 emitters of carbon emissions – on a par […]

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Green Power offsets holiday carbon emissions!

This week, I´m taking a welcome break in sunny Spain. Hurrah. Not so great for the planet though. From London to Alicante, and back again, my air travel has created no less than 822 lbs CO2. Ouch. So, to offset my round trip, Green Power have very kindly (and responsibly) offered to adopt a plot of land in […]

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