Our Partnership with Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet is a charity set up to inspire, encourage and support people around the world to make healthier choices. Their aim is help you make a positive and measurable difference to conservation from your own home or place of work.

Why are we working with Healthy Planet?

At Green Power Installations, we are committed to finding new and better ways to reduce our impact on environment. With Healthy Planet’s ‘Adopt a Plot’ programme, we can offset the carbon emissions created as a result of each solar panel installation.

How it works

For every installation carried out by our team, we make a donation to Healthy Planet. Then, we are invited to select an area of land within a special, protected park. Once we have made our choice, we have officially adopted that piece of land – and we make sure it’s cared for. Watch this space for more information on the areas we have adopted.

You can find out more about Healthy Planet by visiting their website here.