Save up to 40% on electricity, every year

Green Power Installations will help you enjoy a fantastic return on your investment in green energy. With us, you can earn a tax-free income from your solar panel system, guaranteed for 25 years with the FIT (Feed in Tariff). The money you get back is index linked, so protected against inflation, and guaranteeed by the government by an act of parliament. The highest rates are unfortunately only guaranteed until April 2012, after which they are expected to be reduced steadily, so those investing now will gain the biggest returns.

We have put together a graph to show how dramatic the your return on your investment is compared to a regular savings account. We have been quite conservative, so it could be much more. We have assumed that typical interest (on savings account) = 3% (often less these days); rise in energy bill per year = 6% (scottish energy just announced 10-19% increase this year); RPI (affecting the feed-in tariff and energy fed back into grid) = 5%.


Graph showing returns on investment from solar power


A typical domestic installation will cost approximately £10,000 (unless you take advantage of our special offer of course), but will vary according to roof space and type of solar panels fitted.


How will I recover the cost of installation?

What’s great is that the initial outlay of installing solar panels is substantially outweighed by the cost saving benefits from FIT and reduced energy bills. Unlike any saving account offered by banks or building societies, the FIT is linked to the Retail Price Index. So, you can expect your solar panel installation to pay for itself in approximately 8 to 10 years. After which time, you could enjoy up to 15 years of profit. And remember, all payments from the FIT are free!

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