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Google discloses carbon footprint for the first time

Saturday, and the last gasps of summer are upon us. We’re busy getting ready for Grand Designs Live in October, and compiling lots of great tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Speaking of which – did you hear that Google has revealed details of its carbon footprint? Earlier this week, Duncan Clark reported […]

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Is UK newspaper coverage skewed against renewables?

Writing in Friday’s edition of The Guardian’s environment blog, Duncan Clark claims that “more than half of the coverage of renewable energy solutions in the mainstream British press is negative”, after being sent some “interesting and previously unpublished” analysis of British newspaper coverage of renewable energy. “Carried out by the Public Interest Research Centre (Pirc), […]

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Why high-carbon investment could be the next sub-prime crisis

In today’s Guardian online, Ben Caldecott reports that “over-exposure to fossil fuel investments could have even more severe implications than those of the financial crisis.” “More money is flowing into clean technologies than ever before – a record £150bn of investment last year – but money is also still pouring into coal, oil, gas, mining […]

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The EU risks falling behind the green century

The European Parliament will on Tuesday be asked to endorse an increase in the European Union’s target for greenhouse gas reductions, from 20 to 30 per cent by 2020, compared with 1990. This makes good economic sense, and would be a major step forward in the battle against climate change – as 20 per cent […]

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