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Green Power Installations provides a complete solution for a more sustainable way of living and working. Our main focus is to help homes and business enjoy the benefits of producing their own green energy, with solar panels. As new green technologies become available, we will find a way of bringing these advances to the mainstream, so that our customers have more choice than ever before.

Design, supply and installation

Each property is different. That’s why our team will carefully develop the most cost-effective solar panel solution for your home or place of work. In just days, we can source and install the best solar panels for your requirements, at a highly competitive price. So, in no time at all, you can start producing your own green energy and generating a great return on your investment.

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Discover the range of solar panels we can source and install, made by trusted manufacturers.


Explore the wind turbines we currently supply and install, designed to save you money.

New Technologies

Over time, we will bring you more choices in the way you can produce green energy.

Future partner

The best is yet to come, because we build lasting relationships with our customers.