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As green technologies advance, solar panels are becoming smarter than ever before. Now, even the most shaded building in the least sunny part of the UK can produce its own green energy with solar power. Here, you can find out if solar panels are the right option for you and your home or place of…

What if it’s not that sunny?

The amount of energy you can collect will vary, depending on the position of your solar panels and the strength of the sunlight. However, your Green Power solar installation will collect energy from sunlight at any time of the day and in all weathers.

What if my roof isn’t south-facing?

It’s true that a south-facing roof will collect the most sunlight and generate the most energy. However, the slope of your roof is also a factor in how much sunlight your solar panel can absorb. An angle of between 10 and 20 degrees will is ideal, but other angles can still produce an effective amount of energy. To ensure the best results, we will design the perfect solution for your roof, which may involve adding more panels to help you produce enough solar energy.

What if my roof is completely shaded from sunlight?

Even if your roof is shaded by trees or other buildings for the entire day, you could still benefit from a Green Power solar panel installation. In many cases, we can install a free-standing solar panel in your garden or somewhere close by. As another option, we can also fit your solar panel to a wall if your roof is not a viable option. Any south-facing wall, which benefits from uninterrupted sun for part of the day, is ideal. Another cost effective solution might be to prune any trees that are providing significant shade to your roof.

What if I have a flat roof?

No problem. Green Power Installations will fit your solar panels to your roof within a special frame. With this frame, we can tilt your panels to the optimal angle, helping you to collect the maximum amount of sunlight to create your solar energy.


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